Our mission is to provide valuable products for the Turkish literature and to translate and promote books from the world literature, especially from countries we have historical and geographical close relations.
We also aim to increase the literacy level of our people by making reading the unseparable part of their daily life.

Our vision is to become a national and international publishing house which has a similing liberal left view, as well as a perspective that respects to human rights and to all thoughts which do not support violence. We are against discrimination in race, region, language, and nation, and have a contemporary and progressive view.

We shall play a leading and permanent role in literature and art with the opinion that no progression
will be achieved properly without them and which we believe will enable our country to integrate to
the contemporary world...

  • Our main principal is to respect human work and copyrights.
  • We select all products to be printed or translated meticulously.
  • We print our books after a definite trust to the quality based on a long lasting control.
  • We respect to criticism to our products.
  • We support and improve young authors.
  • We are flexible, and adapt ourselves to the changes in the life.
  • We follow and apply daily improvements in reading technology.
  • We are positive and have a smiling appearance.
  • We are loyal to business morals.
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