• Hilmi Köksal Alişanoğlu
Born in Trabzon, in 1958. He completed Political Sciences Faculty at the University of Marmara. He was arrested during the military takeover period in 1980, tortured severely, and judged by death penalty. He wrote humorous books. His first book, HOME-Rare Class is memories from high school and on FINALLY THEY TOOK POWER ON SEPTEMBER 12 he wrote about the military takeover period. BLACKSEA, WHERE ARE YOU is a novel, and HOW TO PRONOUNCE HAMBURGER IN ENGLISH is short stories. In Çarşamba-Cibali he discribes a district of Istanbul together with his memories and the history of the location. I’ll Quit You Trabzon is a novel about the relations of Turks, Greeks and Armenians in a Blacksea village during the Russian occupation in 1916.
• İzzet Celasin
İzzet Celasin was born in 1958, Istanbul. He graduated from Darussafaka High School where he first meet the left-wing activism. With those left-wing moves and the military takeover in 1980 he spent many years in prison. After he was accepted by the refugee commission in Belgrad, spent 1.5 years in Yugoslavia. In 1988 he ended up living in Norway . His first book “Black Sky, Black Sea” was originally written in Norwagian. Then the book was translated to German, English and Spanish.

• Dan Lungu
Dan Lungu was born in Botaşani, Romania on September 1969. He can be defined as a short story writer, poet and a sociologist. He  is accepted as one of the most important writers for the Romanian literature in the post 1990 period. He completed his education in Laşi, being a graduate from sociology school.
After his Ph. D title, he have attended postdoctoral programme in University of Paris.
In literary issues, he have been influenced by neorealism and postmodernism. By the affect of those trends some of his books are Raiul găinilor (Hen's Heaven), Băieţi de gaşcă (Good Guys), Sînt o babă comunistă! (I'm a communist biddy!),  Cum să uiţi o femeie. (How to Forget a Woman), Proză cu amănuntul (Retail Prose)..

• Jacek Dehnel 
Jacek Dehnel was born on May 1980 in Gdansk, Poland. He is a poet,writer, painter and translator. He studied in Warsow University and graduated from Polish language and literature. He lives in Warsow.
Received numerous prizes in poetry and prose competitions. Awarded with Koscielski Foundation Literary Award in 2005 and Paszport Polityki(passport of politics) for the year 2006.

• Shifra Horn
Shifra Horn was born in 1951 Tel Aviv Israel. She lives in Gilo near to Jerusalem. She had her education in Bible Studies and Archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and achieved an MA in Bible Studies. She worked as an educational officer for World Union of Jewish Students and helped Ethiopian Jews coming back to Israel. She was a spokesperson for the Israel Absorption Ministry (government office responsible for aiding new immigrants and returning citizens) until her work in Japan.  At Bible College in Ginza (Tokyo), she taught Bible and Hebrew, and she worked as a director for Tokyo Jewish Community Center and.
Shifra Horn has 8 book that are published; Four Mothers, The Fairest Among Women, Tamara Walks on Water, Ode to Joy, Shalom Japan, Cats A Love Story, The Perfect Pet.  Horn won the WIZO Prize in 1997 and the Publishers` Association's Gold and Platinum Book Prizes for all four of her bestselling novels (The Fairest Among Women, Tamara Walks on Water, Ode to Joy).  She was nominated Literary Woman of the Year by the Financial Daily Globes in 2002, received the Prime Minister's Prize in 2005 and the Brenner Prize.  

• Georgi Gospodinov
Georgi Gospodinov was born in 1968 in Jambol, R. Bulgaria. He works and lives in Sofia. He is an author, co-author and editor. Georgi Gospodinov is currently a PhD at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Literature. Since 2001 he is a weekly columnist in “Dnevnik”, a daily newspaper, department “Analyses”. In 2008 he started being a guest writer of Berliner Kuenstler program.
He has taken role in the following literal works  as a writer,   co-author or editor; Lapidarium, Natural novel,  Bulgarian anthology, Bulgarian chrestomathy, The cherry tree of a nation, I’ve Lived Socialism
(171 personal stories)”
He was awarded by National literary prize, Annual Prize of the Association of the Bulgarian writers,
Natural Novel was elected as the book of the year, his work has been translated into many languages including English, Hungarian, German, French, Finnish and Greek.

• Antti Tuuri
Antti Tuuri was born in Kauhava Finland on October 1944. He is known as the leading author of his generation with Heikki Turunen.
 He was awarded  by the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize in 1985 for Pohjanmaa and the Finland Prize in 1977 for Lakeuden kutsu .  Many of his novels  have been the scripts for the films like Rukajärven tie also known as "Ambush" in English and Talvisota “The Winter War”


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